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Clothes Closet Ministry Expands and Deepens through Partnership with Salvation Army

May 10, 2018

Frazer Core value #6 states, “How we treat the poor and powerless is how we treat Jesus.” Based on that value, our church has always endeavored to minister to those in our community who struggle to provide basic needs including food and clothing. Through the generosity of church members, and the dedication of volunteers, we’ve been able to meet the needs of many families in the name of Jesus.

As successful as this ministry has been, we never want to stop improving in our work for Christ. So, over the past several years, the questions we have been asking ourselves are:

  1. How can we do even more to meet the needs of the whole person—spiritual, social and emotional, as well as physical?
  2. How can we do even more to enhance the relationships we build with the people we serve, so we can get to know them better?

A New Partnership

An opportunity to take our ministry to the next level has emerged through a new partnership with the Salvation Army. Frazer has a long history of working hand in hand with the Salvation Army because they are consistently on the forefront of caring for the poorest of the poor in our city. As part of that ministry, the Salvation Army operates a low-cost clothing store next door to Frazer in the Bell Plaza Shopping Center. There are two advantages to this store model:

Here’s how our partnership will work:

This arrangement will maximize our ability to focus on developing relationships with people. When anyone comes to our clothing ministry, whether a Frazer member in a crisis, a participant in our Transformation Montgomery ministry, or simply a walk-in from the community, our staff and volunteers can spend time getting to know them, identify their needs, and work with them to put together a comprehensive plan to help them thrive, including a voucher for clothing if needed. Meanwhile, those who are not interested in developing a ministry relationship with the church can simply go directly to the Salvation Army.

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. First, continue to donate your gently used clothing through Frazer.
  2. Second, consider whether God is calling you to be a part of our Community Ministries. If you love people and have a passion for overcoming poverty, we would love to have you join our caring volunteer team.
  3. Finally, please pray for the continued success of this ministry.

As always, our goal is to see God glorified by helping people be set free from poverty in Jesus’ name. We celebrate what God has done in the past through this vital ministry, and look forward how God will continue to bless and grow this ministry in the future.