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Frazer and the Wesleyan Covenant Association: A Note from Pastor Larry

Larry Bryars   |    Jul 21, 2017

Dear Frazer Family, 

At this time in history as we have tremendous opportunities to advance our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the hope of the world. With these opportunities also come challenges which we must face together by faith.

In this spirit, I am writing to let you know of a decision that was recently made by your Board of Stewards to join the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA).

The WCA is a newly formed organization that seeks to unite warm-hearted, Christ-honoring, Bible-believing individuals and local churches within the United Methodist Church for mutual cooperation and encouragement. The WCA is not a new denomination. Rather, it is a way for like-minded churches to work together within the United Methodist Church as the winds of change are blowing through our global church.

In recent years, a significant minority within the UMC have developed views that differ fundamentally from traditional Christian teaching. Their actions have led to a special General Conference of the Church which will happen in 2019. It is impossible to predict what will happen at that time, but it seems inevitable that major changes are coming to the United Methodist Church.

Along with the decision to join the WCA, Frazer’s Finance Committee has chosen to stop financially supporting certain controversial parts of the United Methodist Church at this time. We are still giving 100% of our apportionments, but we have redirected our support to local and state mission agencies.

By working together through the WCA, Frazer will be a stronger voice for the biblical beliefs of our Wesleyan Methodist heritage, and we can be a greater force for good in the world. 

What can you do? Here are three ways you can be a part of this movement:

  1. Take a moment to visit the WCA website, wesleyancovenant.org, where you can learn more about the WCA and, if you feel led to, you can become an individual member.
  2. I will be helping to lead an organizational meeting of the WCA for our Alabama-West Florida Conference of the UMC on August 29, 2017, in Niceville, FL.  Register at frazer.church/WCA.  We plan to provide transportation, but space will be limited.
  3. Most importantly, be in prayer for the United Methodist Church and for Frazer during the days ahead. 

Now that we have taken our stand on this issue by joining the WCA, our desire is to press forward in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ without distraction. I thank God for your prayers and your love for the Lord as we face every challenge before us, confident in our ultimate victory through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Standing for Christ, 

Dr. Larry Bryars