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Frazer Pike Road to Be Launched as a New Church Plant

Aug 13, 2017

Frazer is celebrating the decision to launch our Pike Road site as a new church plant. After prayerful consideration, the Frazer Board of Stewards voted on Sunday, July 30, 2017 to allow the Pike Road congregation to charter a sister United Methodist Church in the Pike Road community under the direction of our District Superintendent and our Bishop. The new church, which has yet to be officially named, will be fully independent from Frazer no later than Oct. 1, 2017.

A year and a half ago Frazer sent out a launch team of just over 100 members to establish a site in the fast-growing Pike Road community. God has blessed this endeavor which has more than doubled in weekly attendance, reached scores of families not previously connected to a church and seen over 35 people baptized in its first 18 months. Strong volunteer and financial support from those attending the site has enabled it to rapidly reach a point where it can now be viable as an independent church plant.

The focus of decision making was on advancing the kingdom of God by finding the relationship that would best allow both sites to reach new people for Christ in their own sphere of influence. The clergy and lay leaders of the church came to a consensus in July that both the Pike Road site and the Atlanta Highway site would be best served by becoming independent sister churches. Their recommendation was presented to the board, which voted 97-10 in favor of approval.

“The success of the Pike Road site is a tribute to the hard work of the launch team, who gave their blood, sweat and tears to establish this new community of faith,” said Frazer Lead Pastor Dr. Larry Bryars. “Frazer will forever be proud to say that we gave birth to this thriving new church in a neighboring community, and we pray that God will continue to allow us to birth new churches and ministries for years to come.”

Pike Road Campus Pastor Dr. Patrick Quinn, who will be re-appointed by the Bishop to the new church plant, stated, “We could not have come this far without the faith of the whole Frazer family to send us out and invest in raising up this fledgling site, and for that we will always be grateful.” 

Dr. David Graves, Bishop of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference, said, “New church plants play a vital role in the mission of our Church to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is continually doing new things, both in established churches and in new expressions among new places and faces. Frazer has become a model for other churches by launching a new community of faith.”

Frazer plans to hold a launch celebration in September, with hopes to unveil the name of the new church at that time if not before.