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Frazer Worship Releases New Single

Ken Roach   |    Sep 09, 2020

Frazer Worship’s original song “Call Me to Love” will be released on all major music-streaming platforms on Friday, September 18, 2020. 

Written in 2017 by worship leader Jerrod Dorminey, “Call Me to Love” is a challenging anthem that reminds us of the statement of Jesus that “there is no higher command” than to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. The good news of Jesus has always transcended racial, ethnic, and other barriers that seek to divide us.

Dorminey recently recalled the origin of the song. “The pastor was scheduled to begin a new sermon series entitled ‘Love Your Neighbor’ on Sunday. I woke up Monday morning singing the first verse. I wrote the rest of the song by lunchtime and had it arranged by the following Tuesday. When our worship team heard it, we all felt that this wasn't our song, but God's message to His church.”

“Then, before we even had the chance to play the song live, a group of white nationalists decided to march on Charlottesville, VA causing more fear and racial tension in America. This made it all the more clear that this was in fact God's song to His church for this season. The following Sunday, we played it live and it immediately became a song of conviction and encouragement for our church.” 

Dorminey continued, “When I look around at what is happening in our world today, this release couldn’t come at a better time.”

Frazer Worship is a mostly-volunteer team of musicians who lead congregational singing at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL. Previous releases include “Sweet Sacrifice” and “Victory,” and an EP release is expected later this fall.

Lyric sheets, chord charts and other resources are available at no cost to other worship leaders who may wish to share Frazer Worship’s original music with their congregation.

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