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Our normal worship services and programs are currently suspended due to COVID-19 containment.

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To get more information about Frazer, text "Connect" to 334.544.1404.
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WCA Live Stream Help

Scroll down for our troubleshooting guide.

The Stream starts at 9am Central Time

We do occasionally have trouble broadcasting the stream - If that is the case, please be patient and rest assured that our media team is working hard to restore the stream to it's full functionality, and things like internet outages and equipment failures are beyond our control. If everything appears to be working on our end you can use the following steps. 

NOTE: We cannot help troubleshoot the captions or subtitles; those are handled by an outside group.

First - if you're having trouble hearing audio - make sure that the speaker button at the bottom right of the video window isn't muted and the volume on the video window is turned up.

If you're having trouble with the DVR function, try hitting the pause button and see if that allows you to see the play bar and go back to the start of the video. If we have an interruption in streaming service there is a good chance that the DVR function will not work correctly. You may need to reload the page if this happens.

NOTE: Our stream will automatically adjust its quality to accommodate for your connection speed. If you're seeing a low-quality stream that is due to a lower connection speed at your location. There is an option to manually select the quality if you're viewing on a PC or Mac, however this will cause interruptions in the feed if your connection slows down.